How to Reinstate Deactivated Recruiter Accounts

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Important Note: this is only an action that can be performed by the Owner of a company profile. You can read more about Employer Roles here: Employer Roles & Admin Tools 

There are two reasons a staff member's account has been Deactivated:

  1. If a staff member has not logged into their account for some time, OR
  2. Their account was manually Deactivated at any time by an Owner or Admin on the company profile.

Having a Deactivated account means that their account still exists, but the user is unable to fully log in and access any of Handshake. Their account will need to be reinstated by the Owner of the company profile in order for them to proceed in using Handshake. 

To Reinstate A User's Account:

  • From any page on Handshake, click on your name in the right hand corner and select Employee Directory from the drop down menu. 

  • Once here, you'll want to uncheck the box next to Hide Deactivated User Accounts 

  • Next, locate the user in the list that you'd like to reinstate. 
  • Under the Roles column, click on the dropdown menu that says Deactivated

  • From the menu, change their status back to Recruiter. This will automatically save, and the user will now have access back into their Handshake account. 

If you're needing to deactivate a recruiter's account, you can do so by following the steps here: How to Deactivate Recruiter Accounts



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