Safety: Suspended Employer Accounts

Tawnya -

Handshake admins reserve the right to suspend user accounts. Only admin can suspend accounts.

If an Employer finds that their account is suspended, they will see the following message when they log in: 

Users should reach out directly to support by clicking on the hyper link noted in blue "Handshake Support" in the message above if they see this. They may also click on Help towards the right hand corner of the screen and then select Contact Support.

Typically, additional information on the account is needed, and once the user provides this, Admins will remove the suspension. Support agents will be able to disclose the reason for suspension, if they will be reinstated, and how the employer can move forward in lifting the suspension from their account.


**Please Note: Career Services users do not have the ability to suspend Employer access. If you believe an employer should be suspended, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance!

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