Legacy View: Approving an Experience (Approver's Point of View)

Tawnya -

This article outlines the steps that an individual sees when they are added as an Approver on an Experience in Handshake, whether they have a Handshake account or not. 

1. Once a Career Services staff member has kicked off the approval process in Handshake (outlined in this article), the approver will receive an email notification that looks like this:

2. This leads to the Approver to view their unique approval link:

3. Here, the approver will see details on the following information:

  • Student
  • Job
  • Employer
  • Approvers
  • Attachments
  • Survey Response(s)
  • Learning Objectives

With the option to approve or decline at the top of the page (and the option to add a comment!)

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