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You want to send a campaign email 6 months after graduation to alumni who had originally responded "still seeking." The alumni do not have access to SSO nor their student email address. When they click on the survey link, you want them to be taken directly to the first destination survey so that they don't have to log in and re-fill out their original responses.

Step 1: Download the initial responses from students with the download button within your FDS. From that excel download, review the responses and determine who submitted a "still seeking" response as well as the alumni personal email addresses (the email field is required as part of the FDS response, so all responses should pair with a personal email).

Step 2: Import a label for the students who had initially responded with "Still Seeking" through these instructions. The label can be called "Still Seeking - FDS 2018"

Step 3: Upload alumni email addresses through the importer. You will want to send through a "users" job with the following headings: 

  • "student_email" (this should be the new alumni email address)
  • "first_name" 
  • "username"
  • "school_year_name" (this should be "alumni")

Step 4: Create a new First Destination Survey, and send only to alumni with the "still seeking" label you created. In the launch email - you can customize language around following up on their original response for any updates!

Step 5: Students will click the link in the email and will be taken directly to the start of their FDS survey so that they don't have to sign in. 

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