Kiosks: Troubleshooting Error "No Printer Found"

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 Dymo printers can be a bit tricky, so if you're using these to print name tags at the check-in kiosks for events, you occasionally might run into an error message when launching a kiosk for an event, but we have a few troubleshooting steps you can take here!

Test in several browsers

  • First, you will want to test in:
    • Chrome and Internet Explorer (if you're on PC) OR
    • Chrome and Safari (if you're on a Mac).


If you've tested in different browsers and are still getting an error, uninstall the Dymo software and reinstall.

  • Uninstall Dymo
  • Before reinstalling, unplug the printer (remove the USB from device from the computer)
  • You can then navigate to the Dymo support website to download the latest software:
    • PLEASE NOTE: Dymo Connect is not the latest software, and will not work the same way that the actual software will. Please download 'DYMO Label Software' for either Windows or Mac.
  • Install the software - in the Dymo instructions, there will be a clear indication when exactly to re-plug in the printer

This should get you up and running smoothly!

Make sure you're using correct devices

You want to be sure that you are using the same printer that was initially connected to the laptop on setup.  If you connect a different printer, then the "Printer not found" error can occur. 

Advanced troubleshooting

If you're still running into issues you can add the following addresses as trusted sites

Additional reference:

Here is the Help Center article that outlines name tag printing for an additional reference once you're all set up.

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