Insights & Tips: About 'AND' Filtering in Custom Reports

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Handshake only filters and supports 'OR' logic when filtering on multiple dimensions within a single field in the Explore Insights tool. However, you can build your own calculations if you need to add 'AND' filtering to your report! 


Set up an 'AND' calculation

In order to utilize 'AND' logic, you will need to set up a calculation within a custom Insights report.

Open this example report that uses a calculation on two unique institution labels. Please note  that unless you have these particular labels at your institution, you probably won't see any results. We'll just use this as an example to work from!

On the example report, you'll notice this Calculations section is highlighted:


Select the box, which will open this dialogue:



Here you will see that we filtered specifically for 2 particular labels - "fall 2017 graduate" and "work study eligible".  The way this calculation is setup, if a student has both of those labels, it will return a "yes" in this column on our report:


Here is an example of the syntax that we used:

if(contains(${added_institution_labels_on_students.name_list},"fall 2017 graduate")AND(contains(${added_institution_labels_on_students.name_list},"work study eligible")),yes,no)


You can use this as a template for any labels that you need 'AND' filtering for. Although you can also build any other calculations you need! For more information on these table calculations, explore this Looker documentation.

We'd also love for you to share any tips and Insights in our Handshake Community. This is a place for you and your team to connect with other career centers to share best practices and learn from each other on how to make the most out of Handshake!

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