Insights & Tips: Prevent Duplicate Rows Per Student

Tawnya -

When you're pulling a report on student data, you might notice that you see duplicate rows for one student, when you want each student condensed into one row. Here's a quick highlight of the filters you'll want to use as defaults:


Primary Education = (yes)

You'll want to be sure to add this filter - it will make sure that it is only scoping to the student's education at your institution.

Navigate to the Educations field, in the left-hand column of the report. Find the Primary? (Yes/No) dimension and filter:


This will auto-add to your list of filters at the top of the page:


Name vs Name List

Pulling a Name List will identify the full list associated with the Student, and add that information in one row, instead of separate rows for each unique name. The most common example for this is in pulling the Major Name, as students will often have double Majors.

 So instead of adding "Name" (highlighted here), you'll want to select "Name List"



And will consolidate them here in this section of your report:



Name Lists are available for a variety of features in the Student explore, such as:

  • Career Interests
  • Educations - Colleges
  • Institution Labels
  • Majors
  • Minors
  • Organizations
  • School Year






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