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Tawnya -

Our team is able to assist with Handshake custom workflow and integration projects that you might need.  We can assist with projects such as Custom Reporting, Data Migrations, custom third-party integrations and more.

There are fees associated with the services depending on the project, and our team will be able to give you an estimation of time and cost.  If you are interested in learning more and getting your project scoped by our team, please contact us through our Support form.

Custom Reporting

We can build custom reports if your need falls within our guidelines and cannot be accomplished in Handshake’s platform. 

Technical Consultation or Development

Outside of our support service levels, if you need custom consultation, configuration, or development we provide the following services if your need falls within our guidelines. Services include SSO Configuration, Automatic Sync Configuration, Importer Development, API Development, RSS Feeds, and Custom Nametags. 

Onsite Visits

Our Success team is able to visit your school for a one-day onsite. Onsites are only for strategic consultation or training and not technical consultation or work.

Data Uploads

We can upload the following historical data into Handshake:

  • Experiences
  • FDS
  • Appointments/Notes
  • Events/Fairs and Attendees

Please note we will not delete this data once imported. 

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