How to Manage Work Study in Handshake

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This article highlights the key components involved in using Handshake to manage work study positions. Use this as a framework to get started - but don't forget to share any insights or questions with our Handshake Community!



1. Indicate Student Work Study Eligibility

There are two options to indicate that a student is eligible for work study positions in Handshake:

Add in Bulk via Student Sync

Add the column for  work_study_eligible  and adding TRUE in this field in the student data file for those students who do qualify for work study. Here is a quick link to our student file tech docs that references this field.


Add individually via Student Profile

Check the work study eligible field in the student account details to enable 



Add a Label (optional)

We also recommend adding a label to all of these students so that it is easy for you to identify and target them for any sort of communication or instructions

Two options for doing so:

  1. Add a system label in your student sync when you add the eligibility (easiest if you haven’t finalized the work study in the sync, or if you know this list will be changing often)
  2. Add a normal label after you’ve finalized the sync (easiest if you aren’t able to update your sync often, or don’t want to use a system label)


2.  Enforce Work Study Settings

To only show work study jobs to students that have the work study eligible option selected on their account, navigate to the School Settings, and enable the Enforce work study field:



3. Configure On-Campus Company Profile

Set up a company profile to host these on-campus work study postings. Reference our On-Campus Employment guide for a refresher on the different models available in Handshake. This setup will depend on the structure and size of your team.

 Adapted "work study" company model

Most schools will manage work study positions separately from typical on-campus positions - usually as a new company profile.

Example: If you're using the division model for on-campus employment, you might have 2 separate companies. Whereas if you're using the company model, of the many separate profiles, one would be designated for work study.

Within the separate work study company profile, you might want to:

  • Pre configure divisions for each department
  • Establish a standard naming structure for job titles
  • Encourage employers to setup saved searches
  • Connect the work study POC's employer account as the company "admin" (so they can approve any staff members that request to connect + audit postings)

A few questions that might help you think about your setup:

  • Do I already have on-campus employment configured? What institutional constraints am I working with?
  • Who are my key stakeholders?
  • Do I have a POC who manages work study?
  • Who posts these positions - a work study POC or individual departments?
  • Who approves these positions? Is that workflow important?

Consult your Handshake Relationship Manager if you have any questions on these key components


4. Provision Employer Approval Role

Once you've configured your on-campus account, or identified the external employers who should have access to post work study positions, you will want to add this role on their company settings. You will have the option to provision this when approving individual employers.

  1. Navigate to the Employers page, and choose the particular company from the list.
  2. This will populate the employer approval page.
  3. Here you will  want to select the option for "post work study jobs"



Employer Perspective:

Employers always have the ability to create jobs marked as work study - this is a field available on the Basics tab when creating a new job:


Once your team has given the company profile the ability to post work study positions, they can post these positions at your school.


5. Prepare for Job Approvals

Once the company profile has been approved and given the role to post work study positions, you must also approve those job postings that come through.

Typically, the work study POC will manage this approval from their Career Services account.  (Note: The work study POC should also have their Employer account connected to the work study company profile mentioned in step 2).

 To filter to these postings, the work study POC can:

  1. Filter to work study jobs
  2. Set up a saved search with a variety of filters.

This example shows how to filter on work study (under the Other filter)


6. Student Job Search

If a job is marked as work study, students that are not eligible for work study will not be able to view and apply for the position. Only these students who have work_study_eligible = TRUE mapped in the student data file will be able to see these postings and apply.

Students can filter for any work study position by selecting the Filters button:



And then checking the “work study” checkbox under Job Type:



7. Communicate Updates

 Outlined below are a few frameworks to consider as you communicate these workflow changes to your different stakeholders:

To Employers

Explore these example points as you share the updates with your employers. Reference our invite email examples for additional copy - adjust these to include your own key points around work study.

  • Share the division structure and nomenclature (if any, for job postings)
  • Encourage employers to setup saved searches for their division
  • Inform employers  that if their larger company profile has been approved to post work study jobs, they will see this as an option when they create a new job.
  • Handshake uses these guidelines to interpret "work study" jobs (in case they ask about the definition)

To Students:

Even if you’ve already sent an invite to students during implementation, you’ll most likely want to send targeted communication to work study students to specifically outline the following:

  • Introduce Handshake as the go-to resource for work study positions, on top of typical jobs and internships (consider mentioning you’ve pre-loaded the work study eligibility for them)
  • Highlight any vital next steps for your institution’s workflow (ie.complete XYZ form, upload this PDF as an “other” document)
  • Remind them how they can search for work study positions




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