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 At Handshake, we are always trying to develop new ways to help you understand what student usage on Handshake really looks like. How many students are taking advantage of the resources we can offer in our platform? How many students are actually coming through your door to engage with your office? The answers to these questions have incredible value in how they can help us improve our system and how they can help you improve your outreach.

To that end, we are working to create more comprehensive tools to help you measure the ways that students are engaging with your resources. Our vision is that we should clearly be able to visualize the cohorts of students who are using Handshake, but also which of those students have not yet interacted with your career services team by attending an event, career fair, appointment, or interview. We want to help you clearly visualize the entire campus community to understand at a granular level which students are engaging with your office and how.

The first step in that process is to build out some basic tools to help with this process. The resources below are very much a starting point, but we wanted to share them with you so you can start to do some of this analysis. As always, we would love your feedback as we keep building out these resources!


How does the Student Engagement Tracker Work?

This tool is an excel spreadsheet that is designed to combine data from a number of different insights reports. If you run each of the reports and then copy all of the data into the different tabs of the Master Data Tracker, the first page will wrap all of the data together to show you high-level trends regarding how those students have interacted with your career office.

Copy each of these URL’s (listed below) and paste them into a tab of your browser - our Insights tool will open them as a report using your Handshake Data!

Then, download each report and paste the contents into the corresponding tab on the Master Data Tracker. The report will automatically pull together the data trends on the Data Wrap-Up tab. Please note that the sheet is scoped to work for rows of 20,000 or less, so if you have more students than that you will need to extend the formulas in the Merge Master tab.


Links to the Insights Reports included in the attached spreadsheet:

Student Data Download Report
Login and Notes Data Download Report
Appointments Data Download Report
Job Apps Download Report
Interview Schedule Applications Download Report
Events Data Download Report
Career Fair Data Download Report




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