About deleting your student account

Tawnya -

If you decide that you no longer would like your Handshake account, you can close out your account. In order to do this, you will need to reach out to your Career Services Center.  

It is possible for Handshake Support to close your account for you, however, you will still need to reach out to your Career Services Center in order to have them update information on their end. Otherwise, the next time they sync their student file to Handshake, your account will be reactivated. 

To Contact Career Services at Your School:

  1. Select Career Center from the top menu bar, and select My School

2. On the right side of your school’s profile, you’ll see a section with Contact Information that includes an email address for your school’s Career Services Center.

Below that section, you’ll see a section called Public Staff List.  If you know who your personal career counselor is, you can click on their name to bring up their Handshake profile.  On the left side of the profile page, click on the  Send A Message button to send a direct message to your counselor through Handshake.

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