How to Edit Interview Slots

Tawnya -

Once you've gotten an Interview Schedule approved at a school, you may want to edit the slots to accomplish the following: 

-make a slot unavailable (like for a lunch break!)

-add a job to slots (especially helpful if you have more than one job attached to your schedule)

-add an interviewer to slots (particularly if you have multiple colleagues interviewing)


To edit the slots, you'll need to do the following: 

-Click on Interviews from the left column in Handshake: 



-Select the Interview Schedule you wish to edit: 



You can choose to edit one slot at a time or edit multiple slots at once.

-To edit one at a time, simply click the desired slot as indicated by the red arrow.

-To edit multiple slots, either select the checkbox next to the room name for the whole day, or select the checkboxes next to the desired slots, then click the blue button for "Bulk Edit Slots", as indicated by the red ovals. 




You'll see a pop-up appear where you can do the following: 

-select a job to attach to the slots from the dropdown menu

-type in the name of the Interviewer for the slots

-mark the slot(s) as unavailable

-set the option to manually manage student checkin



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