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This is a guide that you can share with employers to help them get started with Handshake, with a PDF copy of the guide attached at the bottom of this article. 


Please feel free to download and share this tool as well (PDF linked below the Quick Start Guide), which was created by our Employer Marketing Team: 




Employer Quick Start Guide Text: 

This guide will provide you with valuable steps and resources to help you maximize your experience and results in Handshake. The account setup process is pretty straightforward, but there is a potential for roadblocks to come up for some users. Each section of this guide will take you through the setup steps, followed by the most common roadblocks and steps to take. You’ll also notice in each section there are links to Handshake’s Help Center. The Help Center provides a reliable and regularly updated resource that is available 24/7. To start you off, here is a link to the overall Employer category, where you can browse the sections (topics) and articles. 


Create your user account: You will need a user account in order to login and use Handshake. You can view the details of this process, with screenshots, by checking out How to Create a User Account. If you've received an invite from a school or a colleague, you can follow the link to take you to the account creation process. If you're signing up without an invite, go to https://app.joinhandshake.com/employer_registrations/new to create an employer account.

Common Roadblock:

*Not seeing the confirmation email come through? First, try checking your spam and junk folders to ensure that emails are not being filtered out. Second, add handshake@m.joinhandshake.com to your email contacts or address book, and lastly, check with your IT department and ask them to whitelist Handshake or check for quarantined emails. Then, resend the confirmation email once you've taken these steps. You can resend the confirmation by logging into Handshake and using the link in Step 4 on the right side of your screen.


Join your existing company, or create a new one: You will need to be connected to your company profile on Handshake prior to taking any actions with schools. Please Note: The goal of this step is to connect you with your company, not schools you'd like to recruit from (that comes later). If you want to recruit from Stanford, do not list Stanford as your company. On-campus employers are obviously the exception to this rule.

If your company is already in Handshake, it should pull up based on the domain of your email address. You can search for the company name if it doesn’t appear automatically. You will be able to click “request” in the top right corner of the box displayed to connect. If your company has “auto-approve staff” enabled, you will be added immediately. If not, you’ll have to be approved by an existing staff member.

Common Roadblocks:

*To proceed to the next step, click on the orange button in the top right corner that says “Next: Connect to Schools” once you’ve requested to connect with your company!

*If your request to connect with your company has been consistently pending, check out this article.

*Request to connect with the wrong company or wrong branch location? Check out this article.

*Pro-tip: Use your corporate email address if you have one. This will ensure that your company profile is shown to you if it is in Handshake and can expedite the process of connecting to your company. Schools will also tend to decline users with generic email addresses to ensure the safety of students.

If your company isn’t already in Handshake, you should see the option to “Create New Company” on the right side of the screen. You can learn more about the new company creation process, with screenshots, here.

Common Roadblocks:

*Use your corporate email address if you have one. This will help you increase your Trust Score more quickly. Schools will also tend to decline users with generic email addresses to ensure the safety of students.

*If the page is open too long, it can time out, which causes errors when trying to save the new company profile. To prevent this, we recommend filling out the form as quickly as possible. Typically, resizing images takes the longest, and images are not required immediately, so we recommend to upload these later if it doesn’t work out the first time. Also, check out this image size guide!

Pro-Tip: Take note of this link for future reference in case you ever need to approve a fellow staff member!

Request to connect with schools: You must request and receive approval from a school prior to posting jobs there. You can choose schools during your sign-up process, and can always select more at any time afterwards. Check out this article to learn how to choose additional schools in Handshake after you've gotten set up.

Pro-tip: When starting out, we recommend only requesting to connect with schools that you have an established relationship with. If you don’t have an established relationship with any schools, then we recommend requesting a smaller number of schools, say 10-15 at first. This will allow you to build positive relationships with schools while increasing your Trust Score. As you become approved at the initial schools, you can request additional schools with a higher chance of approval.

Common Roadblocks:

*Requests to connect with a school are typically processed by Career Services within 3-5 business days. To expedite the process, reach out to the school directly.

*Unexpectedly declined at a requested school? Contact the school directly to discuss your options for reconsideration.

Pro-tip: Check out this article for more information on Trust Score!

Take Action! Once you’ve been approved at least at one school, you’ll be able to start posting jobs. Check out this article for the details, with screenshots! Here are some quick links to detailed articles on these topics:

How to Post an Interview Schedule to a School

Managing Interview Schedule Applicants

How to Request an Event at a School

How to Register for a Career Fair

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