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  • What are Targeted Emails?
    • Targeted Emails are a new way to communicate with your students from Handshake. Targeted Emails are an alternative to Mass Emails and will offer more insight into email campaign performance. 


  • Will I still have access to the data from the Mass Email tool? 
    • Yes, you can switch to the previous emailing tool to review previously sent campaigns and templates.
    • If you switch to Targeted Emails but have a scheduled Mass Email, Mass Emails will always be edited with the old tool, and Targeted Emails will always be edited with the new tool. If you have both types going at once, you’ll have to toggle between them to see each kind.
    • Handshake recommends that you download all the metrics from your previous emails on the list page for future reference.
    • Learn how to switch to the Mass Email tool here
    • Learn how to download all mass email analytics here


  • Can I import HTML templates from tools like Dreamweaver?
    • No, we do not support HTML in the new Targeted Email builder. With the Targeted Email tool, we want help you create consistent emails that align with the designs that you see in Handshake.
    • We recommend that you try to create the emails that you were sending with the pre-built HTML templates using the Targeted Email tool. Share any feedback you have with our product team! 
    • You can switch to Mass Emails to create Mass Emails using HTML but you will lose the ability to see key insights about how your email has performed.


  • Can I see which students have unsubscribed from the emails that I sent?
    • Yes, you can see the detailed metrics on the Targeted Emails details page and in the downloads.


  • Can I duplicate a previously sent Targeted Email?
    • Yes! Just click "Create Email", then select "Previous Emails" in Step 1. You'll be able to copy content from emails sent to students or contacts, as well as drafts. 
    • Screen_Shot_2018-11-02_at_2.26.30_PM.png


  • Can I duplicate a Mass Email? 
    • No, we do not support duplicating mass emails. 


  • Will you be removing Mass Emails?
    • We will be gathering feedback on Targeted Emails throughout the fall and will make a decision about Mass Email support in December 2018. At this time there are no plans for the removal of Mass Emails. 


  • Coming soon to Targeted Emails?
    • Handshake Content Additions
      • Interview Schedule
      • Employer


  • Is there a way to select multiple events, jobs, etc instead of doing them one-by-one?
    • We will be adding the ability to select events, jobs, and fairs directly from the search pages so you can add multiple Handshake items to your Targeted Emails in one click! 
  • How do I send a survey? 
    • The best way to do this is to add the survey as a Button; just copy and paste the link to the survey in the URL, then you can choose what text to display on the Button.
  • Can I send a test email?
    • Yes, you can use the Send Test Email button located on the right side of the edit page to see what your Targeted Email will look like. This will send a test email to the email associated with the account you are logged into.
  • Why do I see the number of deliveries before an email is sent?
    • We display the number of deliveries as the number of recipients who will receive the email. 
  • How long does it take for the Analytics to show up on the index and show page? 
    • Analytics can take up to 12 hours to appear in app. 
  • Can I search previously sent Targeted Emails? 
    • Yes! You can search by Subject, Name, or Created by! Screen_Shot_2019-10-29_at_11.38.52_AM.png
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