Quick Downloads: Career Fair Employers

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If you would like to quickly download information about Employers for your Career Fair, follow these steps: 

  1. Click Fairs on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Select the Fair you need your data for
  3. Click on the Download button in the upper right corner

To obtain this download you'll want to:

1. Click on the Fair in question

2. Click on the green "View Employers" button from the Fair page

3. Click the "Download" button in the upper right corner. In the spreadsheet download search for the survey questions you asked and you'll see the responses in the columns.


This will download a report of the employer information and the following fields: 

  • Created Date
  • Updated Date
  • Career Fair Name
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Industry
  • Employer Description
  • Website
  • Division
  • Created By Name
  • Created By Email
  • Requested Booth Options
  • Assigned Booth Options
  • Assigned Booth Numbers
  • Assigned Booth Rooms
  • Payment Method
  • Registrant Name
  • Registrant Email
  • Contact Name (or Representative Name)
  • Contact Email (or Representative Email)
  • Employer Status
  • Payment Status
  • Amount Due
  • Total Paid
  • Message
  • Representatives Count
  • Refund Policy Agreement
  • Accept All Majors?
  • Employment Types
  • Jobs on Handshake
  • Job Titles
  • Majors
  • Major Groups
  • Combined Majors
  • Job Types
  • School Years
  • Located in US?
  • Accepts OPT/CPT Candidates?
  • Willing to Sponsor Candidate?
  • Work Authorizations
  • Last Change
  • Discounts
  • Sessions
  • Additional registration (survey) questions if added
  • Career Fair Additional Representatives
  • Career Fair Additional Tables
  • Career Increased Visibility
  • General Items
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