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What are student referrals? Student referrals is a program designed to enable current activated students on Handshake to easily invite their friends and networks to join Handshake. Each student is provided a unique link that they can share directly to their friends or via social media. For each new student that signs up and activates their account for the first time via a referral link, the referring student whose link was used for the new student sign up will get credit for the referral.


Why is Handshake running this referral program & how does this align with Handshake’s value “Students First? Our students have told us that they’re finding great opportunities on Handshake, and even sharing them with their friends. Friends help friends get jobs, and with student referrals, we want to empower our students to share the power of Handshake and encourage students to unlock opportunity for each other.


How does it work?

  • Share your referral link.
    • Your friend signs up through your referral link.
    • You and your friend are entered to each win $10k.
    • Each friend you refer count as a separate entry.
  • Contest period ends 11/30/2018. Winners will be selected and announced shortly following the contest period


There are currently over 100k student leaders with leadership titles and organizations on Handshake; we plan to directly reach out to these leaders this Fall with their referral links to disseminate through their organizations. The outreach will be positioned as “help your organization members get discovered by top companies on Handshake”.

These leaders will also be eligible for the monetary rewards.


What will these emails to student leaders say? 

Hi there,

Hope you had an awesome Summer! I’m Andrew, and I manage the Student Engagement team at Handshake. I'm reaching out specifically to top student leaders just like you across the nation to talk about the importance of getting your fellow classmates to start thinking about their careers.

Logging into Handshake is a great first step to launching a meaningful career and connecting to thousands of job and internship opportunities. Because of your influential voice on campus, I want to personally invite you to partake in Handshake’s Referral Program. Referring your friends in your organization is as easy as copy and pasting a link or sharing your referral link on social media.

In addition, you and any friend/member you refer could each win $10k!  Each referral counts as a new entry in this contest, so start spreading the word today!

Here’s your unique referral link that you can share directly or post on social media:


Thanks for helping your friends and organization launch their careers through Handshake!


Andrew Yoon

Student Engagement Manager | Handshake


What are the incentives? 

Sweepstakes ($20k): Anyone can win. Students only need to refer 1 friend to participate. At the end of the contest period, we’ll randomly select a referrer-referee pair to each receive a $10k prize. Referring more than 1 student increases the number of entries for that referrer in the drawing.

Performance ($5k): We’ll reward the student with the most referrals at the end of the contest with a $5k prize


Where can students find their unique referral links? They can go to to find their unique referral link. 


What does it look like?

When will it be available? This referral program is live now, and closes 11/30/2018. Winners will be selected and announced shortly following the contest period

Can students opt to not participate? Yes! Students do not have to participate if they do not wish to.

What are the legal terms and conditions? You can find the legal terms and conditions here.

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