Acting on Behalf of Employers: Registering for a Career Fair

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Handshake does not recommend registering for Career Fairs on behalf of Employers as the registration process from the Employer perspective is typically very intuitive. (Employers can register for Career Fairs on Handshake by following the steps here.) This helps with the following:

  • Ensures Employers (or the main contacts) are owning the process (typically it is one or two main recruiters)
  • Maintains consistency with the Employer's brand and processes across the network
  • Prevents fraudulent connections or duplicate/incorrect registrations
  • Alleviates your "busy work" workload

Reframe the Conversation

Even if this is a service you have traditionally provided to Employers in your prior system, we recommend using the switch to Handshake as an opportunity to reframe the conversation. Remind Employers that you made the switch to Handshake because it is easy for them to use. And since it is also easy for students to use, you are expecting to see a 2-3x increase in student engagement!

Registering on Behalf of an Employer 

  1. Navigate to your Career Fair

  2. Locate your list of registrations and employers:

  3. On the next page, click on the New Registration tab located towards the left of the page:

  4. From here, you will be able to create the registration on behalf of the Employer


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