Targeted Email: Review Sent Emails

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Targeted Emails are an alternative to Mass Emails and they offer a way for universities to email students and contacts with relevant, timely, and useful information. The Targeted email details page surfaces two sections Email and Recipients.



High-level campaign performance (open rate and click rate) and the actions that were taken on the Handshake components included in the email. 

Unique opens: the count of students that opened this email (unique open percentage is calculated by the unique number of opens divided by the number of recipients)

Unique clicks: the count of students that clicked on any link in this email (unique click percentage is calculated by the students that clicked divided by the number of recipients)

Handshake Account Activations: the count of students that activated their Handshake accounts after clicking a link in this email (activation percentage is calculated by the number of students that activated divided by the number of recipients)

All Actions: actions on the Handshake Content that was added to the Targeted Email (percentages are all calculated by dividing the number of students who took an action by the number of recipients)

Actions can be: 

  • Event Registrations
  • Career Fair Registrations
  • Job Applications




Details about the students and contacts that received this email. 

Excluded: the count of students or contacts that unsubscribed from this email 

Filters: the filters that were selected when creating this email

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