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Handshake maintains highly reputable emailing domains to ensure that emails are delivered. However, email delivery can sometimes fail due to the various systems in between Handshake and students which are designed to prevent email abuse. In order to maintain high deliverability, Handshake monitors and acts on spam scores, blacklisting, IP throttling and more.

In addition to whitelisting IPs and domains, please identify any internal limitations you may have with receiving email and surface them to your Handshake Relationship Manager.
(e.g. 5k rate limit for recipients every hour)


Whitelist by IP

We send email from a dedicated set of IP addresses, please whitelist all of these:

Whitelist by Domain (Optional)

We only send email from these domains:

How to Whitelist if you use Google Apps

Google Apps Console for Gmail as this will ensure no messages are flagged as spam. This can be accomplished by following this guide. There are also some general guidelines for bulk emailing recommended by Google if you are mass emailing using Handshake, which can be found here.


How to Whitelist if you use Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 admin portals. This can be accomplished by following the instructions provided here.

Note: The new 'Clutter' folder can also be an issue. Please see this guide and share with relevant users if this occurs.

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