Viewing Employer Attribute Highlights

Tawnya -

Handshake is furthering our mission to democratize information by introducing Employer Attributes in reviews.

This will give students a snapshot view of employer attributes and match those chosen by the student in on-boarding.

We have already introduced the ability for students to select employer attributes in their reviews process this fall, asking them to identify characteristics of the employer and their experience (e.g. “Women in Leadership”). You can read more about this selection process here.

Please Note: 

  • Students should be able to quickly scan employer highlights and get a solid understanding of what distinguishes the employer
  • Students should trust that employer attributes are an accurate representation of what it’s like to work for an employer
  • Students should understand that employer attributes are student-generated
  • Underrepresented students should understand which employers have representation in leadership (“Identities Represented in Leadership”) and which employers have resources for underrepresented groups (“Identities with Dedicated Resources”)
  • Underrepresented students should not be turned off by the way employer attributes are presented due to feeling that they have been represented in an insensitive way
  • We’ve established minimum thresholds in terms of both total reviews which have to be met in order to display an attribute
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