School Settings: Auto-Approving Employer Requests

Tawnya -

With the growth of Handshake's employer network, we understand how important it is to be able to manage your employer requests efficiently.

We have added a new feature that will allow you auto-approve employers based on a Trust Score Threshold that your school controls. 

In the school settings, there is a new option in Employer Approval Preferences where the Trust Score Threshold is set.  


When viewing the company profile, instead of seeing the staff member name that approved the employer, you’ll see the message “System automatically approved EMPLOYER NAME”:


When employers request to connect with your school, if their Trust Score meets your minimum threshold, they will see the following notification appear in Handshake:  




  • What happens to currently pending employers if I change the threshold?
    • All employers that are pending will remain pending regardless of their trust score. Any new employer requests with a trust score above what you have set will be auto-approved.
  • How can I see which employers were approved by this setting?
    • A filter for this view is coming soon, in the meantime, you can use the requested approval on date and the trust score filter to see which employers have been auto-approved.
  • What happens if I turn this setting off?
    • Any new employers that request access will go into your pending queue.

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