Peer Messaging

Tawnya -

Last year we launched two new peer learning features in Handshake - Reviews and Q/A. These are community-based features like this help drive access to information -  we see as a core pillar in our mission to democratize access to opportunity for all students!

Building on the success we saw with these features (had over 110,000 Reviews submitted!), we heard a lot of feedback from students and university partners who were looking to facilitate follow up conversations with other students who shared their insights via Reviews & Q/A.

Peer Messaging scope:
As a result, we are running a beta version of Peer Messaging. Starting in early April students and alumni will have the ability to make a portion of their Handshake profiles visible to all students and alumni on the Handshake network and to send messages to one another.

I've attached an overview of how we're approaching this pilot for more details (links out to the opt-in form, too). Just keep in mind these aren't final mockups so we ask you to use your discretion and share only within your team.

Beta rollout & feedback:
Opting into the beta is a great way to share feedback that will help shape the future of the feature, but we'll be synthesizing results and sharing more data with you ahead of the full rollout later this summer.

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