Request an Experience (as a Student)

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An Experience in Handshake is a way to submit an internship for approval (depending on your school, this may be credit-bearing internships only). Once you submit an Experience, you can manage it through Handshake and create learning objectives to track your progress.


To Request an Experience

1. Click on Career Center in the upper-right corner of your screen.



2. Click on Experiences from the Career Center page. 



3. Click on Request an Experience, located toward the upper-right, under your account icon.



4. Choose the relevant Experience Type and Term. Each school creates their own set of Experience Types and Terms, so reach out to your Career Center if you are not sure which one to select.

5. Enter the employer details for your Experience.

Note: Employer Phone Number and Employer Email Address are optional and should be for the companynot for your individual supervisor. 

6. Enter the job details for your Experience.

7. Enter the Approvers for your Experience (if required by your school).

8. Answer the custom questions set by your school (if required by your school). 

9. Select Request Experience in the bottom right corner of the page to complete the Experience request process. You will then see that your Experience has been successfully created and is pending approval from your Career Center.

You will also receive a confirmation email once your Experience has been submitted.

Once your experience has been approved, you can stay connected to the career center by communicating in the comments section and view evaluations from the reviewers involved.


Additional Resources: 

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Not seeing “Career Center” at the top of your screen? 


If you do not see the “Career Center” tab at the top of your screen (to the left of your name), it means your school doesn't currently partner with Handshake (yet!) If you're enjoying your experience on Handshake, feel free to encourage your career center to formally partner with us and we can unlock additional benefits for you and your university!

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