How to Submit Product Feedback

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About Handshake's Product Feedback process:

Here's a visual overview of our process:


If you have an idea about how a feature could be improved, we welcome your feedback! 

Please note that submitting this does not guarantee any changes, but our liaison reviews all submissions and triages the feedback appropriately for review by our University Product Team. 

When reading through feedback, we're primarily evaluating the level of impact that an update could have on all of our users. The larger the impacted audience = the more likely that feedback would be prioritized. 

When feedback comes in that doesn't have quite as much immediate impact but could definitely help improve our platform, we'll track that feedback in a workspace created by our Product Team. As more feedback comes in with similar themes, those tickets are grouped together to demonstrate the growing impact of investing in that area. 

Our Success, Support, and Product Teams each have designated points of contact that meet biweekly to discuss prioritization of submitted feedback and trends that we are seeing. 

A great example of the results of this process is Handshake's Targeted Emails tool. We received over 90 product feedback tickets offering suggestions on how we could improve our old Mass Emails tool. These tickets were an important driver in our Product Team's decision to invest in building the a new tool - they helped to shape many of the key features of Targeted Emails!

What does a strong Product Feedback submission look like?  

  • clearly outlines either the current perceived deficiency within Handshake OR what the ultimate goal is (not sure what would solve it, but you know your goals aren't met currently)
  • defines the impact of that deficiency (how many users are affected and how so?)
  • provides all additional context around why this change would be helpful (ex. how will it improve your daily workflow?)
  • solution focused, as much as possible! We don't expect you to know all the answers, but feel free to get creative with what you think would work! 

How to submit Product Feedback:

1. Select Contact Support at the top right of our Help Center, then choose Career Services, type in a summary for your request and then select Ask Question



2. On the next page, scroll to the bottom of the list of suggested articles and select Contact Support



3. Fill in the fields on this form. This page is where you can go into more detail (if you didn't on the first page): 



*Make sure you choose the Category Other Question or Product Suggestion



4. When you're ready to send in your ticket, click on "Submit" at the bottom of the window: 


*If "Submit" is grayed out, that means a required field is not filled in. When all fields are completed as required, "Submit" will highlight in blue and become clickable. 


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