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Check out this video on School Explorer: 


The School Network Management feature will allow you to curate a list of schools that effortlessly fits your recruitment needs on Handshake. 

To begin, click on Schools in the left hand navigation bar


There are four tabs within the School Network Management page. Here's an overview of each: 


  • When you first set up your Handshake account, the Favorites tab will be blank
  • This is where you'll add the schools you personally are interested in recruiting from. You may add as many schools as you like, and your Favorites list is 100% unique to you; it does not affect any other staff members on the company profile. 
  • This list will most likely look different/smaller from the list of schools your full Employer is approved at on Handshake. 


  • To remove a School from your Favorites list, click on Remove next to the desired school. 


  • To bulk remove Schools from your Favorites list, check the boxes next to the Schools you wish to remove and then click Remove Selected at the very top of the list: 


Your Employer's Schools: 

  • This will display a list of all Schools your Employer is approved at. 
  • This is essentially the central place where each staff member can pull schools from, to add to their Favorites list to recruit at. This list is the same for every staff member connected to your Employer on Handshake. 
  • Since these Schools have already approved your Employer, you can add them to your Favorites list at any time by clicking on Add to Favorites next to the desired school.


  • To bulk add more than one school to your Favorites list, check the boxes next to the Schools you wish to add and then click Add to Favorites at the very top of the list: 


More Schools on Handshake: 

  • New schools are added to Handshake every day, so you'll be able to find any new schools or schools you have not yet been approved at on this tab. 
  • You may utilize Approval Status filters on this page to filter through the different status your employer has at these Schools. Selecting Not Yet Requested will show you all schools that your Employer has not yet requested to connect with on Handshake:


  • To request to connect to more schools, click on Request next to the desired School.
    • Note that you will be prompted to determine if you'd like this School automatically added to your Favorites list if you are approved. Uncheck the box if you do not want this added to your Favorites list before clicking Request:



  • Once approval has been requested, your status with that School will shift to a Pending status. You may utilize the Approval Status filters towards the left of the page to filter seeing all of your pending schools. 
    • It typically takes 3-5 business days for a school to approve an employer and their job postings.
    • If you do not receive a response within that time frame, we recommend contacting the Career Services department at the school.
    • You can find the contact information for a school's Career Center by clicking on the School's name to be taken to their profile page on Handshake. 


  • There are a number of additional useful filters you can use on this page. Here's an overview of a few of these tools: 
  • Location
    • Click on the location filter to enable a drop down search bar
    • Type in the desired location, and select the result from the populated drop-down menu
    • You may filter here by city or state. For example: type in Texas, if you'd like to see only the schools in Texas. 
    • Once your location is selected, you'll be able to select a location radius spanning from 5-100 miles within the location you entered.
      • Tip: click the small "X" next to the radius filter if you'd like to remove that from the search. 



  • Institution Types
    • This includes minority-serving institutions (nationally recognized colleges and universities that educate students of color), and Women's Colleges (undergraduate, bachelor's degree-granting institutions whose student populations are composed exclusively or almost exclusively of women). 

School Explorer: 

  • The School Explorer tab was created to help make college recruiting decisions more efficient for your team. It's essentially a tool that allows you to create unique searches to find the exact students you're looking for, and then request to add their school to your network. 


  • Four Key Things to keep in mind when using the School Explorer: 
    1. Find colleges with your ideal talent population with advanced search functionality 
    2. Build Segments targeting those students students and alumni at those unique schools
    3. Drive those Segments to Events, or encourage them to apply to your jobs with Campaigns
    4. To determine to ROI of those Campaigns to determine how you allocate your future budget
  • Advanced Search Filters:
    • Keyword Search
      • This can be used for an arbitrary word you'd like to search for. It'll pull from words added on a student's profile on Handshake. 
    • Location Interests 
      • This would be the location(s) a student has stated they are interested in working in. 
    • School Year
    • Major Category
      • These majors consolidate individual majors across every school on Handshake. 
    • Institution Type
      • This includes minority-serving institutions (nationally recognized colleges and universities that educate students of color), and Women's Colleges (undergraduate, bachelor's degree-granting institutions whose student populations are composed exclusively or almost exclusively of women). 
    • Diversity and Inclusion Featured Organizations
      • Meet more students who participate in on-campus clubs and nationally recognized organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women in Business, and others. 
    • Graduation Date
    • GPA
    • Majors
      • This searches directly on the student's "major" profile field. To find as many relevant students as possible, we recommend: 
        • Using the shortest possible keyword (e.g., "software" instead of "software engineer")
        • Adding multiple keywords when relevant (e.g., "software", "computer", "engineer")
    • Past Companies
      • These would be any past companies a student has stated that the have worked for 
    • Past Job Titles
      • These would be any past job titles the student stated that they had. 
    • Organizations/Extracurriculars
    • Skills

  • Once you have your desired filters selected, you'll see a curated list of the top schools that have students that fit within your parameters. 
  • You'll also be able to see how many students are at these schools that match your filter criteria: 
    • Note: You will only see results for students that have activated their Handshake profile + elected to make their profile visible to Employers.


  • You may see a few schools in your results that you already have been approved at, or are already in your Favorites list.
    • In this case, you can use the filters located at the top of the page to exclude these schools from your results, and see which schools you may still want to request approval at: 



Check out our video below that walks you through the School Network Management Feature on Handshake! 

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