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Please note: Premium features are for Handshake Premium accounts only. For more information, please check out this resource.


Before you Search Students, you'll want to make sure you are approved at schools and have your School Network set up. You won't be able to search students unless you are approved by schools and have schools added to your Favorites page. Please refer to School Network Management on how to manage your School Network on Handshake. 

How to Search for Students

  • To begin, click on Search Students in the left hand navigation bar. This will take you directly to the Search Students page.
  • You'll immediately see a list of students that have public profiles at the Schools you have been approved to recruit from and added to your Favorites List. 
  • This page essentially functions as a extensive directory or database of students.


  • We recommend utilizing the filters on the left of the page to help narrow down your search into a reasonable number of students to recruit from. 

  • Premium Employers have access to our Premium Search filters. These Premium filters include: 
    • Location Interests: Where a student has stated they are interested in working. 
      • Click on the location filter to enable a drop down search bar
        • Type in the desired location, and select the result from the populated drop-down menu
        • You may filter here by city or state. For example: type in Texas, if you'd like to see only students interested living in Texas for work. 
        • Once your location is selected, you'll be able to select a location radius spanning from 5-100 miles within the location you entered.
          • Tip: click the small "X" next to the radius filter if you'd like to remove that from the search. 

    • Major Category: These majors consolidate individual majors across every school on Handshake

    • Institution Type: This includes minority-serving institutions (nationally recognized colleges and universities that educate students of color), and Women's Colleges (undergraduate, bachelor's degree-granting institutions whose student populations are composed exclusively or almost exclusively of women)

    • Diversity and Inclusion Focused Organization: Meet more students who participate in on-campus clubs and nationally recognized organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women in Business, and others. 

    • Majors: This searches directly on the student's "major" profile field. To find as many relevant students as possible, we recommend: 
      • Using the shortest possible keyword (e.g., "software" instead of "software engineer")
      • Adding multiple keywords when relevant (e.g., "software", "computer", "engineer")

    • Past Companies: These would be any past companies a student has stated that the have worked for 

    • Past Job Titles: These would be any past job titles the student stated that they had. 

    • Organizations/Extracurriculars

    • Skills


Creating Saved Searches: 

  • If you created a set of filters you'd selected and would like to save, simply click on Save These Filters towards the top of the filter bar. 


  • A popup box will appear for you to Save this set of filters. Add a name and description and click Save when you're ready to save. 


  • You can now access these saved filters at any time by clicking on My Saved Filters towards the top of the filter bar  


  • This will populate a box of available saved searches for you to choose from. Click directly on the name of the saved search to see a detailed list of filters selected for that specific search. 
  • Once you have selected the saved search you'd like to use, click on Apply Filters. 


  • This will automatically repopulate your page with those saved filters. 


Extra features! 

  • Check out our article here on how to message students from this page.
    • Keep in mind that this is different than creating a campaign in that you can only message up to 100 students at a time on the Search Students page. 

  • Check out our guide here on how to download student's public resumes
  • Clicking directly on a student's name will take you to their profile page on Handshake, where you'll be able to view not only the information they have included on their profile, but also any Candidate Touchpoint information!

  • This includes:
    • any messages that student has already received from your company
    • if the student has RSVP'd or checked into events or career fairs with your employer
    • any jobs the student has applied to at your company, 



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