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Tawnya -

With the new Employer management page, we are introducing some new filters as well to help you more easily find employers.

These new filters are available on each Status tab and can be found under "Other": 

  • Has Document Download Permission: (resource linked below)
  • Fortune 500 Employer
  • *System Approved: this filter will only show on the Approved tab, and will indicate which employers have been approved via the auto-approve process
  • Flagged Employers: easily filter to flagged employers per Approval status -no more custom reporting! (resources linked below)
  • Alumni Work at Employer
  • Posted on Campus Jobs


Here's what you'll see:  



For more information on document download permission, please see this employer resource: How to Download Public Resumes

For more information on flagged employers, please see these resources: 

Best Practices for Flagging an Employer

About Fraudulent Employers



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