Coursework Segmentation

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Hire candidates with the right experience by filtering early talent according to the courses they’ve taken, so you can run targeted campaigns with a more personalized approach.

For example - “show me students who have taken machine learning classes, and have experience beyond an introductory level.”



Coursework Basics


How is Coursework Data collected?

Students enter Coursework during on-boarding, and we also encourage them to complete it throughout their Handshake experience. It is not imported from their school, but is highly trustworthy (as Career Services users review the student’s profile).


How are Subject Areas mapped?

We have a proprietary Coursework Taxonomy, built by our data science team, that maps individual courses to Subject Areas. This is validated by third party sources (including government-published data) around available Courses by University.

This allows you to select one Subject Area, and get all students who have taken relevant courses - without the work of entering every possible keyword.


Coursework Functionality


1. Choose whether you’d like to search by Subject Area, or by a specific Course



2. Choose a Subject Area from the drop-down

You can add as many subject areas as you need for your search.



3. Optionally restrict your Area to only students with “beyond intro experience”

This just means they’ve taken a few courses in that area - or have courses with specific keywords, like “Advanced.”

If you have multiple Subject Areas selected, we’ll choose students who have beyond intro experience in either.



4. If you choose to search by a Specific Course, enter your keyword normally

We’ll search across all students with a course containing that keyword.


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