Ambassador Campaigns (beta)

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Please note: Premium features are for Handshake Premium accounts only. For more information, please check out this resource!

Create more authentic experiences for candidates by connecting them with like-minded peers outside of your team. Pair peers with prospects and proactively improve your candidate’s experience.

Note - this feature is in beta, so we’d love your feedback to help us improve it over 2020!


Ambassador Basics


What can Ambassadors do on Handshake?

Ambassadors can message students, launch Check-in Kiosks, and review Event & Career Fair RSVPs. But they can’t:

  • Request School Access
  • Post Jobs / Interviews
  • Request Events / Fairs
  • Review Job & Interview Applicants
  • Access the Talent Engagement Suite (including Segments, Campaigns, and Branding)

Think of it as ‘read-only’ rights to all things event & individual messaging-related. They can help you with candidate engagement, but they can’t do anything else.

For additional background, see our Role Based Access help article.


How do I mark an account as an “Ambassador”?

From the employee directory, simply change the “Role” drop-down to Ambassador:



How do I invite Ambassadors to use Handshake?

You’ll see an invite link in your employee directory - share that with new Ambassadors to give them access to Handshake.


Note - you’ll still need to change their account type to “Ambassador” after inviting them.


Ambassador Campaigns Functionality


1. Tag Ambassadors when you create your Campaigns

When creating a Campaign, you’ll see a new “Related Ambassador” field:


Note - you’ll only see accounts specifically marked as “Ambassador” show up in the drop-down.


2. You’ll see the Ambassador show up in your Campaign Preview, along with your message

Feel free to tweak your message accordingly, to share more about the person you’ve included.



3. Students receiving the Campaign will be able to click through to your Ambassador’s profile

They can proactively send them a message if they have a question about their experience at your company.



4. Ambassadors get notified (via email) about student messages

They can log in to message the student back, or reach out (individually) to other students in their network.




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