Connecting Virtually with Employers and Your School via Handshake

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Handshake is here to help you navigate recent changes in usage of career fairs, events, appointments, and job searches. Check out our blog posts linked at the bottom of the page for more helpful tips! 


Career fair cancellations

If your school has cancelled a career fair, be on the lookout for communication from your Career Center (likely an email) to let you know more details and next steps.

We also recommend that you follow your favorite employers in Handshake, so you can receive notifications when the employers posts a new event or job. 


Attending virtual events

With the shift away from on-campus recruiting, you’ll likely start seeing more virtual events from employers and your school. You can also search for these specifically using the Event Type filter on the right of the Event Search page; just check "Virtual Session" to narrow down your search.

Virtual events are shared in Handshake just like on or off campus events, with the only real change being the location. When an event is being hosted virtually, look for the link to join in the Location or Description.

*Note: links are not hyperlinked, so you’ll need to copy/paste the link into your browser window. 


Scheduling virtual appointments

We’ve seen several schools shift to conducting appointments via phone, email, or video. Scheduling appointments will still work the same way in Handshake (more info here), so just be on the lookout for virtual mediums from your career center. 

If you schedule an appointment via phone, make sure you provide your phone number if requested in the survey when scheduling an appointment. If it’s not requested, you can leave a comment on the requested appointment with your phone number as well. (This is only seen by you and the Career Services users at your school.)

If you are attending an appointment via video, check the appointment location on the appointment in Handshake or in the reminder email for a link from your school.

Check out Request an Appointment with your Career Center for help requesting an appointment. 


Job searches

If you're interested in looking for remote/work from home opportunities, we recommend to search using keywords and phrases such as "remote", "work from home", "wfh", "virtual", etc.

Please note that employers can indicate on their job postings if they allow remote workers, however, the keyword search is based on job titles and descriptions, so the job will only appear if the employer has included one of those keywords. 


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