Guide to Managing On-Campus Interviews (with Students)

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Start by setting up your on-campus interview (OCI) necessities in On-Campus Interviews System Setup and Workflow Guide, followed by Managing On-Campus Interviews (with Employers).

Once you have at least one OCI approved and built at your school, you’ll likely need to manage student interaction with the schedule. 

Key ways you’ll manage interactions are through adding & reviewing applicants, managing slots, and answering questions about student notifications. 


Adding and reviewing applicants 

Add an applicant

If you’d like to add an applicant to an OCI, click on the option for “Add an Applicant” on the left of the schedule. 



You’ll be able to choose a job on the schedule to link the application to, as well as choose a document to attach.

Note: when adding an applicant, you’ll be able to override any preferences or deadlines set in place on the schedule. 



You’re also able to add an applicant from the Applicant tab - just click on the Applicant tab, then click on the green button in the upper-right corner that says “Add an Applicant”. 


Applicant status

To review applicant status, click on the Applicants tab in the upper-right corner of the screen.



This page has several tools to help you manage the schedule with students. 



At the top of the page is a slot status to indicate how many slots have been taken currently. To the right of this, you’ll see the OCI schedule type selected, as well as the application window. 

Existing applicants are displayed on the screen. By default, any withdrawn applications are filtered from view, so use the filter “Withdrawn only” to see applications that have been withdrawn. 

Use the filters on the left of the page to narrow down the displayed applicants on your screen. 

In the student list, you’ll see the applicant name, the job applied to, four icons to indicate employer preferences matched, the application status, and the date the application was created.

Click on the application status to display a dropdown menu, and click a different status to change that student’s status. Note: depending on the OCI type and timeline, this may generate a notification email to the student. 



At the top of the student list is an option to exclude students who do not match designated employer preferences. If you put a check next to applicant names, you can use the bulk actions that appear at the top of the row, as well as the bulk download options to export a CSV file of applicants or export applicant documents. 

Bulk actions with applicants include: 

  • Download applicant packages
  • Send email to applicants
  • Under the option More
    • Add label
    • Remove label 
    • Download applicant packages zip
    • Add students to interview group
    • Mark applications as primary
    • Mark applications as hired
    • Mark applications as declined


Viewing an application

To view an application, simply click on the row with the applicant name (but not on the applicant status). 

This will open a pop-up that displays the following information: 

  • Student information (on the left)
  • Job applied to
  • Application status
  • Application date
  • Created by (This is really helpful if you want to see if the student applied or if a Career Services user created it on the student’s behalf!)
  • How many employer preferences the student matches
  • The hash marks to the right of employer preferences allow you to change the applicant status. 

Three tabs display student profile information, documents attached to the application, and notes on the student profile.  


Slot management

Students are able to take a slot at different times depending on the OCI type selected. When viewing an OCI, the option they will see on open slots says Take Slot

Open schedules

The schedule must be in the application period, and the student must have a submitted application. 

If the student matches all employer preferences, they will be able to take a slot immediately after submitting their application. When you look at their status, it will indicate “Primary”. 

If the student does not match all employer preferences, their application status will be “Pending”, and either the employer or a Career Services staff member will need to review their application and mark them as primary in order for them to take a slot. For more on this, see Open Interview Schedules: When a Student is Pending. 

Note: if a student’s application is Pending, Career Services staff are able to add the student to a slot manually and bypass any employer preferences/application status. 


Preselect schedules

The student must have a submitted application, be marked as primary or alternate, and the schedule timeline must be in Primary Signup or Alternate Signup. 

When a student application is marked as Primary, the student will be able to take a slot at the Primary Signup Start date/time. The student will be able to take a slot until the Signup End date/time (as long as there are still open slots).

When a student application is marked as Alternate, the student will be able to take a slot at the Alternate Signup Start date/time. The student will be able to take a slot until the Signup End date/time (as long as there are still open slots).

Students leaving a slot

Students are only able to leave a slot during certain time frames, depending on OCI type: 

  • Open Schedules: students can leave a slot until the Apply End date/time. 
  • Preselect Schedules: students can leave a slot until the Signup End date/time. 


To leave a slot, the student will need to click on “Leave Slot”. 


Adding students to a slot

Career Services staff members have the authority to add an applicant to a slot at any point in the OCI timeline, regardless of application status, signup start or end dates, etc. 

To add a student to a slot, click on the desired slot in the schedule, then select the applicant from the dropdown list. Only 25 students will be displayed, in alphabetical order, so just start typing the name of the student to see other results. 

The student must be an applicant on the OCI in order to be added to a slot.


Managing slot swaps

If a student has taken a slot on an OCI, but would prefer a different slot that is already taken, that student may request a slot swap. 

For more information, refer to Interview Slot Swaps in Handshake. 

Student notifications


Notifications for Open On-Campus Interview 

Notifications for Preselect On-Campus Interview

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