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Student Tab - RE: Product Announcement—June 4, 2021



  • Official comment

    Hi All—the students tab was indeed removed from this iteration of the homepage because of low activity. The goal of this homepage refresh was to simplify navigation and drive students to take important actions to connect with employers. As a fun side note, the new design led to a statistically significant uptick in students visiting the career center page!

    As Luis mentioned, student search is still accessible via and via a widget on student profiles called Discover More Students. Furthermore, messageable students appear on employer profile pages—a great place to send students who want to learn from a peer who worked somewhere specific.

    We're not sunsetting the feature–rather, reviewing how we want it to be featured within the platform in the future. Furthermore, I'll note that future iterations of Alumni Hub will seek to help connect students with relevant peers. Stay tuned for more information on that front!

  • Stefanie Swanger

    You can get to the student's page by using the Community button on the home page. (If that makes sense)

  • Luis Santiago

    We found that you can still access the Student/Community page by one of two ways:

    • type "/students" at the end of your Handshake URL, which will load the screen
    • go to the Profile page (of any student) and a widget for other student profiles should be there, which also includes a link to this Students/Community page
  • Eric Anderson

    I was told by our rep they are phasing this service out due to lack of interest.  Sad, as I utilized this resource a lot with students.  

  • Holly Justice

    @Eric Anderson - oh good to know. Agreed. That is too bad. I also used it. 


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