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  • Official comment

    Hey Everyone, 

    Thanks for your swift action and follow up. The article previously referenced has been updated here with the newly added granular role explanations. 

    I have also pasted them here for quick reference in this thread:

    Manage Students: The "Manage Students" role allows users to add new students.

    • As a subset of Manage Students, we are happy to introduce two new granular roles:
      • Sensitive Student Data Privileges: In order to see sensitive data and edit sensitive fields, this role will need to be selected. Disabling this role will remove all sensitive data from view. This restricts the ability to edit student's personal information and view any filters/fields that include GPA, Work Authorization, personal information (such as email address, username, card id), Visa status, Veteran status, and Calendar. 
      • View Student Labels: In order to manage and view student labels, this role will need to be selected. Without this role enabled, users will not have access to view/add student labels or see student label filters in searches.
  • Vicki Hamby

    As a follow up, I did find this list of Career Services roles and definitions in the Handshake HELP CENTER: 

    It does not include the two new roles of Sensitive Student Data Privileges, Student Label Privileges that were just added.

  • Ommy Pearson


    Thanks for bringing this up! The latest university product announcement that went out stated the following (see below) but I wasn't aware we could already see it. We were one of the schools who submitted a request for this feature as we need to keep our student assistants from seeing GPA's. But without further description it's hard to tell what is considered "sensitive student data" so i look forward to seeing more on this so we can adjust the user settings for our student workers. 

    From the Product Announcement on 8/22/19: 

    "Admin Permissions: Our University Product Team is beginning work on a project that will bring more granularity to admin permissions.

    • The ability to hide sensitive student data from particular users will be released first.
    • Following that, we'll release the ability to designate view vs edit permissions for individual users."
  • Vicki Hamby

    Thanks Ommy - I must have missed this product announcement.  It's a lot to keep up with...especially this time of year.  Again, these are great additions...I'm happy these were added. I just need a bit more detail to make informed decisions about what to do with them now.  Appreciate your input!

  • Larissa Chern

    Ommy, thank you for re-surfacing that blurb from our product announcement!

    Vicki, our product announcement this week will include more information on these roles and we're currently working on updating our Help Center article with descriptions of each role. In the meantime, I'd like to note that no functionality has been removed and that we are in the process of gathering feedback from a small set of schools on these new permissions – which is why we haven't formally announced them. Stay tuned for more details coming very soon!


  • Stefanie Swanger

    I am excited about these new student and admin controls.

    However, I would like to provide feedback that many times I want to restrict editing but not viewing of a particular feature. Student Labels, for example, I want my team to be able to view student labels but not edit them. My concern is that these are an all or nothing approach. I hope that future considerations can be made to differentiate viewing versus editing.

  • Ommy Pearson

    Tiffany, does this means all the items you listed will not be viewable by whoever has that checked off (GPA, Work Authorization, personal information (such as email address, username, card id), Visa status, Veteran status, and Calendar)? In our case we would want to hide GPA but not emails, for example. The email is directory information any way so that wouldn't be something we need to block but GPA we would want to keep out of view for some. It sounds to me like it's an all or nothing on the help center. Can you confirm? Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    Thank you for the follow up Ommy, you are correct in your understanding it is currently an all or nothing for this particular role selection.

  • Ommy Pearson

    Thanks, Tiffany! I'll submit a product feedback ticket then. 


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