Importing Data - Overview and Resources

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For information on using the Handshake Importer, formatting CSV's, troubleshooting items, and other data-related issues, please see the following sections:


Types of Files for Importing:

  • Students
  • Contacts
    • How to format and upload contacts
    • Contacts are generally employer or alumni contacts, pulled from your previous system.
    • Prior to the employer launch, you'll want to upload a list of employer contacts into Handshake - This will allow you to mass email, inviting them to join the Handshake platform. 
    • Contacts are verified prior to import.
      • All contacts that have an invalid email and/or email domain will be pushed back to your team. Feel free to update the contacts' information and send us a new file.

  • Appointments
  • Notes
    • How to format and upload Notes
    • Note imports often take place when a school is going through implementation, to pull over historical information. Other times, a staff member may be tracking their notes by some external source and need a way to mass upload those into the system.
    • Notes can be applied to Users (students, mentors, career services), Appointments, Events, or Career Fairs.


  • Labels (normal)
    • Labels are generally used to help classify and filter subsets of users (Students, Staff, Mentors, or Contacts)
      • Can be used for indicating extracurricular activities, granting permissions, tracking attributes for reporting, concentrations, and many other groups of users
    • They may also be used on appointments and events, if the Identifiable ID is provided
    • How to format and upload Normal Labels



  • FDS - Coming Soon




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