Student Sync: Bulk Archive

Teena Blaydes -

Bulk archiving users can be done through the Importer App


What information do I need to archive students?

Email address and Handshake username

*First name is required only for new accounts


I have the list of users, now what?

The file should be formatted according to the following specifications, or you may view a sample file here: Bulk-Archive-Users.csv



email_address Student's email (must match what's in Handshake)
username Student's username (must match what's in Handshake)
first_name Student's first name (required only for new records)
disabled Set to "TRUE"





When your file is ready for import:

      • Upload directly to the Importer App
      • Select file type "Users" (Students)
      • Once uploaded and analysis is complete, click "Submit and Request Run"


If you do not have access to Handshake's Importer App:

    • Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information. 
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Maximillian McMullen

The link "Student Formatting - Tech Documentation" is broken, the link gets appended to the support site when it should be standalone

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    Daniel Marwitz

    The student format link is still broken. 

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