Importer App: Overview

Teena Blaydes -

What is the Importer App? 

The Importer App is used both internally and externally to analyze and import data, via the API, into Handshake.

How does it work?

Think of the importer as a translator. It translates a CSV into JSON that's fed into our API and into Handshake.

What kind of information can I upload through the importer?

  • Users
    • Students
    • Career Services
  • Mentors
  • Contacts
    • Employer
  • Buildings
  • Rooms
  • Appointment Types
  • Appointments
  • Events
    • Types: Event or CareerFair
  • Attendees
  • Notes
    • Users
    • Appointments
  • Labels
    • Users
    • Contacts
  • FDS Responses
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