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Creating a notes file is the fastest way to upload your Career Services historical notes data in your Handshake system. To upload a data file, you have to ensure it is formatted correctly. This article will help you understand what the different fields are that we can upload into Handshake, and how the entries must be formatted. Notes can be attached to users, contacts, events, or appointments. Please keep in mind that they can only be created through import, they cannot be changed or deleted.

Before uploading this file, you should make sure that the following steps have already been completed:

  1. Student File has been uploaded
  2. Historical Events file has been uploaded
  3. Historical Appointments file has been uploaded

Essentially, we want to make sure that the objects you are attaching notes to, 

To start uploading your notes, download the SAMPLE FILE linked in this article - it includes all the different fields you can use.  You'll notice that each field has it's own column - make sure that the the headers match exactly! If a header isn't the same in your file as in our example, Handshake won't be able to identify it and it will be ignored! We recommend that you copy and paste from the example file into a blank excel sheet to ensure the formatting of your headers is correct.

Required Fields:

Every note file you upload must have these six fields. Let's talk about each of them.


identifiable_type: This field is sensitive and must be one of the following values.  This is the object you'd like to attach the note to:






 UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS: You must include either an identifiable_id or an identifier within this file. 

identifiable_id: This can be found in the URL of the event or appointment.  Do not include unless you're linking the note to an appointment or event. This is most commonly used for uploading a list of users to an event or career fair. (CASE SENSITIVE)

Example 1:

    • identifiable_type is Event
    • identifiable_id is 00001

identifier: This is a unique identifier you created yourself and attached to an Appointment or Event.  If attaching notes to existing contacts, this value should be the contact email address.

user_type: If the identifiable_type is a user, then user_type must be specified.  Potential user_type values below (CASE SENSITIVE): 


Career Services

content: The actual text of the note.

privacy_preference: One of two values (listed below). Personal indicates a private note, viewable only to the creator.  Institution indicates it can be seen by all staff. (CASE SENSITIVE)



Recommended Fields:

These fields are recommended, but not necessary. You can choose which ones to include, and the list below will give you some information about each one. The more fields you include, the more detailed your events will be! 

reminder date: If there should be a reminder associated with the note. The best format is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss (example: 2016-11-01T12:00:00). If you're having problems formatting these dates and times, you can check out this Help Center article.  Or, just let our support team know and they can help out! 

written_at: The date the note was written at. The best format for all dates is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss (example: 2016-11-01T12:00:00). This is generally not an imported field. Defaults to the uploaded at date.

created_by_email: E-mail address of the author of the note. This must correspond to a user in Handshake.  Ensure you have uploaded your staff file prior to uploading notes (Help Center article here). This is generally not an imported field. Defaults to the Handshake school admin.


How to Upload your Notes File:

  1. Once your file is prepared, delete any instructions so that the fields are the top row.  
  2. Click File > Save As > CSV.  
  3. Use the importer tool to upload/edit your events.
    • You will want to use Job Type = notes. 
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Jacob Ploesch

The linked sample file is the template for Appointment imports, not note imports.

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    Karen Miller
    1. Use the importer tool to upload/edit your events.=DEAD LINK
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    Can you not upload notes for employers?

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