How to Track and Contact Mentors

Rob Midson -

How can we email Mentors and Mentees? 

You can email Mentors a few different ways. First, you want to go to the Mentors button on the left hand side of Handshake. When you click on Mentors, you will now see a Manage Mentors page. You can filter and select which mentors you would like send an email from this page. Once you have selected all of the Mentors, click on Bulk Actions on All results in the top right to start the Mass Email. The other way that you can send a mass email to Mentors is by utilizing Labels. Once you add the label to all of your Mentors, you can then filter whom you want to send the Mass Email to by selecting the Label in the Mass Emailing section of Handshake. If you wanted to add a Label, I have attached the link to the Help Center article here:

Mentees cannot be mass emailed through the Mentorships page at this time. You are able to message them individually through the Mentorships button on the left hand side of Handshake. You can filter down the Mentorships by selecting the options on the left hand side of that page. Unfortuantely, the only way to Mass Email Mentees is by adding a label individually to each Mentee and then creating the Mass email separately which can be time consuming. 

How can Mentors and Mentees attend Events?

Only Mentees can attend events at this time. Mentors do not have the option in Handshake to attend events as a Mentor. Mentees can attend events because they are Students and can be invited the same way as you invite Students. If you wanted to invite Students/Mentees to an event, I have attached the link to the Help Center article here:

How to track Mentorships?

You can see which Students are involved in a Mentorship by going to the Mentorship page on the left hand side of Handshake. You can use the filtering options to narrow down them down by Status, Mentor, and Student. You are able to track Mentees in the system by adding a Label to each Student's profile individually. This will allow you to run reporting and to be able to contact them via Mass Email when you add the Label to each Mentee. 



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