A Guide to On Campus Employment

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  • On Campus Employment is an important part of your school’s transition to Handshake, and this article will walk through the steps to successfully setting it up.


    How should I set up On Campus Employment at my school? You have two different options, highlighted below. Let your account manager know which you’d like to set up before you launch to employers

    • Division model
        1. Things to consider:
          1. Each campus/department will be listed as a division in a single shared company account
          2. Each division is able to see and edit jobs across the entire company profile (but staff member can set up saved searches to filter to relevant information)
          3. A designated admin (typically in the Career Services office) monitors all staff access
          4. This option makes it easier for Career Services to report on all on-campus jobs.
          5. A few schools that use this option:{ X, Y, Z }


    • Company model
        1. Things to consider:
          1. Each department is set up as their own separate company profile within Handshake
          2. Each campus department/office will manage their own staff and postings
          3. Your account manager will have to open up a set amount of domain spaces (such as @university.edu) so that each company
          4. The experience for on-campus employers with the company model will be very similar to those employers who are not affiliated with your campus
          5. A few schools that use this option: { X, Y, Z }


    How do I test the employer setup? 

    Use these links to walk through the process of creating an Employer account:


    How do I provision on-campus employer accounts?

    The setup will vary, depending on the model that you select:


    • Divisions model:
    1. Create a company
    2. Setup divisions: How to Save a Job Search for Your Division
    3. Setup saved searches for jobs: How to Save a Job Search for your Division
    4. Identify main POC(s)  to manage the page and ensure they:
      1. Mark their profile as “public”
      2. Adjust their notification settings to be updated each time an employer requests to join the profile


    • Company model:
    1. Provide your account manager with the number of domain spaces you’d like available for on-campus employers
    2. Identify any guidelines or naming conventions you’d like campus employers to adhere to


    How should I communicate the switch to Handshake to my on-campus employers?


    Email snippet:


    Hi XXXX, The UNIVERSITY has moved its on campus employment posting and hiring process into Handshake.  Please read this entire email for instructions on how to move your department's open jobs into Handshake.  


    • You will be receiving an email to activate your account.
    • Make sure you activate it so you can take a look at your new employer profile.  Here are some excellent trainings you can go through to get acquainted with the system: Employer Help Center
    • Make sure you’re posting your job to just your division!  




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