How to Import Rooms

Tawnya -


  • *Must have configured Buildings prior to being able to import Rooms
  • BOLD indicates required header

Format a CSV according to the following:

Header Notes
name The name of the room
building_name The name of the building. Must be a building already existing at the school.
capacity The room's capacity (integer).  Must be >1 and <10,000
available_start When the room becomes available
available_end When the room is no longer available


Remember: When importing any data, the system assumes UTC for the date/time. Please see Date Formatting


When you've finished formatting the CSV:

Upload the file to the Importer App. After it's finished analyzing the file, correct any errors and re-upload if needed, then click "Submit and Request Run". Someone from our support team will follow-up once the file has been processed.

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