How to Change Your User Email Address

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If you need to update your email address on your Handshake account, or transfer it to another user, this can be done as long as the new email address is not currently in use on a Handshake account.

  • If you have already created a new account on Handshake with the email address you wish to have changed to, you will need to email Handshake Support to delete and then follow the instructions from step 3. This will free up the email for use. 
  • If you only have one account with Handshake, please follow the steps below: 

To update your email address:

    • Contact Handshake Support and let them know you'd like to update your email address. Provide your current email as well as the one you'd like it changed to. 
    • Handshake Support will initiate that process. 
    • You will then receive two emails, one to your original email address used with Handshake and one to your new email address that will be used with Handshake. (Note: There may be a slight delay receiving the emails so please be patient)
    • What is sent to Original Email:

    • What is sent to New Email:

    • You can click Change Email to complete the change.
    • Please make sure to first log into your account using your original email address and password.
    • Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to enter the email verification code that was contained in the email, and then set a new password as well. 
    • Once you click Finish Email Change the new email will be associated with your account. You will see a message at the top of the Handshake login screen that says "Email Change complete. 
    • You can now login with their new email address and password!

 (*) You will have 12 hours to click the link from the time you receive the email

 Possible error that may occur during the email change process:

  • Issue: I have received the email but am unable to view the whole email, click on the "Change Email" button, or the page opens to a blank page. 
  • Solution: Please try and open the email up in another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes using another email program can help as well. 

If you receive an error that is not listed here, please reach out to Handshake Support and include a screenshot, error message and description of what is occurring. 

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