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Handshake does have a mentorships tool. However, only a handful of schools have the tool toggled on, and aren’t using it heavily since the functionality is a bit limited. We’ll be sunsetting this feature for all schools in Spring 2019.

Moving forward, we are excited to move towards more community-based, peer to peer learning product updates on the student side that can fulfill many of your mentorship needs and help democratize opportunity for students across the network. These are designed to help students learn from other students and young alumni.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the pilots, the student engagement, and what’s next: Democratizing Information: Introducing Reviews and Q&A on Handshake

To keep a pulse on future updates, we recommend all Career Services staff keep a pulse on the Product Updates section of the Handshake Community for upcoming rollouts and initiatives.


Creating an Mentors file is the fastest way to upload the data of your contacts in your Handshake system. To upload a data file, you have to ensure it is formatted correctly. This article will help you understand what the different fields are that we can upload into Handshake, and how the entries must be formatted. 

Required Fields:

last_name: The mentor's last name.

first_name: The mentor's first name.

email_address: This is the basic identifier for each user in Handshake. It has to be unique for that user, meaning that the same email cannot be tied to two accounts. 

username: This is the identifier that your school uses. This should be 100% unique and unchanging. For some schools, this is the same as email, while other schools it is the card ID or UID.

auth_identifier: This field is whatever students use to sign in to your Single Sign On system. If you aren't using SSO, this should *NOT* be included in your file.

user_type: This field will always be "Mentors" for a mentors file. Please note that it must be capitalized and plural.


mentor_information_attributes:maximum_mentees: Recommended for setting the maximum number of mentees a mentor can have. 


Optional Fields:


mentor_information_attributes:student_contact_preference: Recommended for limiting student contact ways. Must either be "allowed" or "not allowed"

mentor_information_attributes:expertise_names: Recommended for setting mentor's fields of expertise.

mentor_information_attributes:maximum_student_contacts_per_month: Recommended if a maximum number of student contacts exists.

mentor_information_attributes:industry_name: Recommended for setting the industry that the mentor is in.


When your file is ready for import:

  1. Upload directly to the Importer App
  2. Select file type "Mentors"                                            
  3. Once uploaded, review the analyzers for errors and adjust as necessary
  4. Once errors are adjusted, click "Submit and Request Run" 
  5. For information on troubleshooting file issues, please see:


If you do not have access to Handshake's Importer App:

    • Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information. 


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