Career Services On-Campus Interviews: FAQ's

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Are interview and job dates connected? 

When a job is attached to an interview schedule the Apply Start Date and the Apply End Date of the interview schedule will be synced to the Apply Start Date and the Expiration Date of the job. This will make sure that students can always apply to the attached jobs on an interview schedule.

Can I attach the same job to multiple interviews?

A job in Handshake can only be attached to one interview schedule at a time. This allows the job apply start and expiration date to line up with the interview schedule apply start and apply end date. If you are interested in having the same group of applicants on multiple schedules you can manually add them to an additional interview schedule using the direct apply option. 

 To attach a job to a schedule view this article.

What does this interview schedule associated job error message mean?

This interview schedule is currently configured to have students apply through the associated jobs but there are no approved jobs associated with this interview schedule. Students will not be able to apply until at least one approved job is associated with this schedule.

This message means that an interview schedule has been requested with an associated job but the employer did not yet attach the job or it is not yet approved at your institution.  To verify that this is the case you will want to review this article on how to attach a job to an interview schedule.

What can an employer change on an approved interview schedule?

If an employer edits an interview schedule that is already approved they can change a few things:

  • Their listed contacts
  • The interview schedule description
  • The interview schedule identifier
  • Add/remove/edit jobs

They CANNOT change

  • Interview dates, template and timeline selections

When can a student take a slot or leave a slot?

Taking a slot

Students can take a slot if they pass qualifications. They can do that during a schedule's sign up period:

For open schedules, this is from the apply start date to the apply end date. Students that don't meet qualifications will be marked as not fully qualified and have to be marked "primary" to take a slot.

For preselect schedules, students can only sign up between 'primary sign up start' and 'signup end' if they are marked as a primary. For alternates the dates are 'alternate sign up start' and 'sign up end'. Students not marked as a primary or alternate cannot take a slot and will automatically be marked as declined on the signup end date.

Leaving a slot

Students can only leave a slot if they still pass qualifications. Students that were manually added overriding qualifications or who no longer meet qualifications must have their career center remove them - this is to avoid a student accidentally leaving and trying to take a new slot, but not being able to get back on the schedule.

Students can only leave during the schedule's sign up period:

For open schedules, students can leave a slot up until the apply end date

For preselect schedules, students can leave a slot up until the signup end date.

How can I create a direct apply interview schedule?

Direct apply interview schedules have been removed from Handshake, we now recommend that you create a job posting to be associated with your interview schedules. Example Job Posting: Fall 2018 Mock Interview 



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