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Tawnya -

We understand that the Handshake Training courses take a lot of time.  To make things easier, we've broken down the trainings (both implementation online trainings and ongoing webinars) by role type below!  As a reminder, we recommend identifying one main POC to serve as the Implementation lead and Handshake expert, that person should take all the courses.

Anyone can create an account at (online implementation trainings).

Our ongoing trainings (in a webinar format) can be found at and you can click on the links below to go directly to the courses:

For Everyone:

    • Handshake Orientation - This welcomes users into training and talks about our tools
    • Account Setup: A look at the career services, employer and student view in Handshake. This course will guide you through each of these views and the settings associated with them
    • After that you can view the courses in whatever order you would like!

Suggestions by Role:

Career Counseling

Employer Relations



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