How to Create a New Experience Template

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Handshake now allows you to create custom Experiences templates for your school, allowing you to customize the surveys, attachments, and number of approvers on each Experience template. To create a new Experience template:

    • Navigate to the Experience Preferences section in the school settings
    • Click Add Template

    • Enter a name for the experience 
  • This name will be visible to students if you select Publish when they select the type of experience
  • Check Publish if this should be visible to students

    • Add all necessary attachments to this experience type
  • Attachments will be visible to career services staff, approvers and students

How do I add approvers to an Experience Template?

  • The first thing you should decide for approvers is if the student will be entering the approver details or if it is the same for every experience of this type
  • If the student will be entering the details for this approver you can check Student Entry and then include the name of the approver

      • If this approver is the same for every experience of this type you can select the approver from your contact list


  • You can always create a new contact in the contacts section on the left navigation bar

    • Select the deadline for this approver
      • The approval deadline offset will be set once you begin the approval process and the approver will have the number of days you indicate to approve or decline the experience
      • You can resend the link to approve the experience after this date

How do I know if my Experience Template saved?

  • You will see the experience template listed in the Templates section.

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