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I don’t have an internship for credit program, can I still use experiences?

Yes, you can still use experiences by adding an experience template that is titled “Not for Credit”. This template should include no approvers.

How do I test submitting an experience?

View as a test student and submit a new experience OR report a new experience as a career services staff

Can a student see the status of approvers on an experience?

Yes! Students can keep track of where their experience is in the approval process by viewing the status of each approver. 


Can I enter a job that is not in Handshake?

Yes, you can enter a job that is not in Handshake simply by typing it into the Job box.

Can we restrict certain students from using specific templates?
At this time, you cannot restrict specific templates or attach permission labels for specific types of students. Ultimately, we recommend being very clear in your Experience Template titles to clear up any confusion that might happen here!
However, you CAN restrict Experiences overall for certain segments of the student population. You can do this by using a permission label set in the School Settings > Experience Preferences. But this is a totally "on/off" permission (similar to appointments)
Can we import any date into Experiences in Handshake?
This feature is not available right now. 
I deleted my experience - can I get that info back?
When an experience is deleted, we are not able to retrieve that information.
How do I send an approver (supervisor) an evaluation, but not an approval link?
If a supervisor (or stakeholder in the experiences process) needs to receive evaluations, but doesn't necessarily need to be involved in the approval process, you can add them as an approver.
Set them up to receive evaluation requests (this is a checkbox in the Experience settings). Then as an Career Services admin, you can manually approve on their behalf by marking their status as approved.
The user then won't receive the approval email, although when you send evaluation requests, they should receive those emails with the custom survey link.
The approval process seems to be running out of order - is this a bug?
If you manage the approval process for experiences, and notice that the approval process is running out of order it could be related to how your approval offset timelines are configured.
If an experience approver's deadline is LESS THAN 3 days, it's entirely possible these are approved out of order because we are sending two reminder emails to each approver:
  • One sent 3 days before their deadline.
  • One sent 24 hours before their deadline

Essentially, if that deadline is less than 3 days, we will send the "3 day" notification immediately. This means that a secondary approver who would regularly have to wait for the initial contact to approve, will technically have a chance to approve before the initial contact does.

We don't typically recommend assigning a deadline of less than 3 days to an approver, since that can be a quick turnaround. However, if you need to have a shorter timeframe for your workflow, you'll want to be aware of the chance that these could be approved out of order.

Why am I not seeing a Supervisor field for students to enter?

You will only see the approver fields after you have selected a Template type from the dropdown.

How do I download experience data with approvers included?

Check out this article that explores How to Generate Reports on Experiences 

Why are the Supervisor fields empty in my quick download reports?

The 'supervisor' field is actually an item from the legacy configuration of Experiences (prior to August 2017) With these product updates, those supervisors are now encompassed under Approvers. In quick download reports, the supervisor fields will only populate data for Experiences that were submitted prior to August 2017. 



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