How to Enter a FDS Response for a Student (Knowledge Response)

Shelby Marter -

You can enter a First Destination Survey response for a student with the following steps:


1. Navigate to the First Destination page in the left-hand menu:


2. Select the relevant First Destination Survey:

3. The Student Tracking page will be auto-highlighted:

4. On this page, scroll down to see the Student Recipients section:Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_7.43.14_AM.png


5. Select the student whose response you are documenting:

6. On the page that populates, can select the Submit a new response button:

7. Enter the survey responses on behalf of the student. 

These details are not required, but optional with that response:

  • Graduation Date - The date the student will be graduating or has graduated.
  • Education Level - The degree the student is completing or has completed.
  • Post-Graduation Email Address - An email where the student can be reached after graduation, so they can receive any updates about their response or further insights.
  • Knowledge Source- You may use this field to keep track of your source for this information. This will autocomplete with sources that have been used on other responses.
  • Status - Either "In-Progress" or "Submitted"
  • First Destination Response Type - What is the current status of this student's career outcome search? After answering this question, any additional questions for that type of outcome will appear.
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