How to Request Space for Distributed Employers

Jordan Pedraza -

If you'd like to have a space added please contact us via the form below. Once your space is added you will now be able to create your own company profile upon your next login. On the right hand side you will now see this:


Here are additional links in our Help Center to help you get started:

Creating/adding your company:

You must request and receive approval from a school prior to posting jobs there. You can connect to schools by following the process described here:

Once you've connected to one or more schools, you can post your job to these schools by following the process described here:

Once a job is created, you can post the job to additional schools by following the process here:

We also have general user documentation available that may be helpful to you. You can visit to sign up for live webinars presented by Handshake staff on a variety of topics.

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