The New Student Dashboard (Summer 2017)

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The New Student Dashboard

What’s new on Student Dashboards? The new student dashboard moves from search to discovery. The big change we’ve made to students’ dashboards is adding collections of jobs that are pushed to students.  They’re prebuilt searches that we display to students based on their individual profiles, preferences and activity!  Examples include:Jobs Near CampusJobs in Locations You’re Interested In and Recommended for You.  We want to help students shift away from spending hours hunting and pecking for jobs by pushing curated lists right to their dashboards and to their phones.  

Why is the New Dashboard Important:

  1. Students aren’t sure what types of jobs might interest them.  We want to help them realize all sorts of potential career paths.
  2. Students are more than their major and GPA.  By collecting profile data, career interests and activity, we’re hoping these collections help students go beyond standard search criteria in their job discovery process.  

When is the New Dashboard Launching: Students can expect to see their dashboards change mid-August.

 Old Student Dashboard:Old_Dash__1_.png  New Student Dashboard:


Student Dashboard FAQs

What does this change for students? Discovery will appear on the student’s Dashboard, when they click Home or the Handshake logo.  Some of the links (for Jobs and Events) that they are used to seeing on the left will be moved to the top of the page.  Appointments, Resources, Career Fairs will be moved under a Career Center drop-down at the top of the page.  

What determines the jobs different students see in their dashboards? Through student’s Onboarding flow, Career Interest Section, Profile, and their activity on the system we gather a ton of data on students preferences.  We use that data to curate collections for them!

Does Discovery work for all students regardless of field of study? Yes! We’re hoping that Discovery will aid all students, regardless of concentration by going beyond major to define potential career paths.

Can a student modify collections they see? Can I as the Career Center Modify them? While students can’t directly remove collections, they can favorite the ones they like!  Career Centers can’t modify collections on behalf of students.  We hope that we can drive enough student activity to make them as helpful and accurate as possible.

Can I still pin things? Yes!  You can see from the screenshot below that the location of pins may have moved around a bit, but the functionality will remain.  

How can I help students enhance their job search experience? Fill out their profile.  The more information we have about them and their experience, the better we can be at recommending jobs.

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