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What is Mobile: Handshake launched its first ever student mobile app in late-August 2017!  With Handshake’s first true application, we’re going beyond mobile-optimized web pages for students.  Our initial app rollout will be focused on the student’s job discovery process.  Students will use it to explore jobs, favorite them and then apply! Students will also receive notifications for applications deadlines and messages from employers.

Why is Mobile important: Students are mobile! And we want to meet them where are while making the job search process more approachable, perhaps even fun.  By pushing recommendations and collections to students, we’ll capture their attention, resulting in greater engagement and better results.  

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Mobile FAQ

Is the mobile app just for students? What about for Career Services and Employers? Right now, our newest app is just for students.  Career Services and Employers are welcome to continue using our standard web-optimized app (App Store: Handshake for Career Services).

How are desktop and mobile different? Mobile is focused on job discovery. Exploring jobs, favoriting and then applying. While all Handshake features (Career Center, Settings, Etc.) are mobile optimized (i.e. can be opened easily on a mobile device), clicks beyond the job search process will take students to a web browser.  So, if they’re looking to find, favorite and apply for jobs on the go - the mobile app is ideal. But if they’re looking to deeply customize their profile we’d recommend desktop. In this way, the mobile app increases traffic to Career Services.

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When will mobile app be available on Android? We want to make sure we get the initial launch perfect and benefit the greatest number of students!  For that reason, we’ll be launching to IOS (iPhones) first, which represent 80% of Handshake students, and we’ll launch on Android in Summer 2018.

Does mobile work on all iPhones? Handshake’s app will work on iPhone 4s or later and on those operating on iOS 9 or above!  It will not run on iPads at this time.

When will the Career Fair functionality be available? Our engineers are hard at work building the ability for students to see employers and booth maps in an app!  This functionality should be included in the app in Summer 2018. If you use other solutions, such as CareerFair Plus, we wouldn’t recommend switching until we have complete functionality.

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